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RT Calculator Isotope

Your Calculator for NDT radiographic testing. Iridium 192 and Selenium 75. With Film density for wall thickness and weld thickness. This Program is universal for all film-types.


RT Calculator Isotope

  • Isotope: Ir192 Wall thickness: 2-100 mm / freeware version 2-12 mm
  • Isotope: Se75 Wall thickness: 2-30 mm / freeware version 1-8 mm
  • Film density wall thickness and Film density weld thickness
  • Activity: 1-160 Curie
  • Film focus distance: 50-2000 mm
  • Material: Steel


Download RT Calculator Isotope - Freeware - Version*

Wall thickness: 2-10 mm - Se75*
Wall thickness: 2-16 mm - Ir192*

To unlock the Pro version features, you need to register freeware version with a license code.

RT Calculator Isotope for Ir192 Wall thickness: 2-100 mm
Only $48.50

RT Calculator Isotope for Se75 Wall thickness: 2-30 mm
Only $58.50