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htaccess htpasswd generator

A secure password protection for your homepage.

we produce the passwords for the .htpasswd file for you.

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For a successful protection of a directory of a website against invaders, you should be using the protection by htaccess. It is not only protecting a directory from unwanted visitors, is protects even all subdirectories and files.
But before using it, you should inform yourself, if the provider does support htaccess files.

First at all you will just have to set a text file called ".htaccess" with the following contents:

file .htaccess

AuthName "name of the protected area"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile The command AuthUserFile contains the absolute path on the server, where to find the file htpasswd. That’s not the path of ten directory of your homepage.

For explanation: At AuthName you can just indicate the name of the protected area. This name will later appear above the login bottom. The second line have to be unmodified. In the third line the server path (not URL) to another file called .htaccess have to be indicated. This file have to be located inside the protecting directory. They fourth line will stay unmodified.

file .htpasswd

The file .htpasswd now contains the user date that later will be needed to log in.

username 1: encoded password
username 2: encoded password

While the username will be mentioned clearly in writing, the passwords have to be encoded (****). This you are able to do overhead on this site.


Important is to take care, that the files are called: .htaccess and .htpasswd, with other file names the protection does not function.

Now copy the files .htaccess and .htpasswd into the protected directory.

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